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An Author’s Welcome to Friends

What in this World is going on?

Shortly before a spinal cord injury, subsequent surgery, recovery, and life rebuild; I had embarked on another journey, Searching below and behind my addictions, addictive behaviors, symptomatic PTSD, and terrifying nightmares. Discovering that under it all was a BIG LIE and like the proverbial fish, shallowed the hook, line, and sinker. The LIE attached at birth was reinforced through my life and was manifested through mental, physical, relational paths. Today I am whole, content and loving life!

I discovered my inner voice was not my original thoughts, but spiritually influenced. When I changed my spiritual influence, my symptoms went away, To help others dismantle the LIE and find truth blogs are being created to stimulate thinking so your own day of reckoning takes place. Long-held beliefs that do not serve us well can be discarded. Some blogs will inspire you to keep on track when making changes to become more content You! Blogs that challenge the spiritual aspects of incest and generational bondage. And because this life does offer enjoyment, I will include some blissful short stories and share my creative talents such as organizing, decorating, gardening, and much more.

Stay in touch! Submit your email on and you will conveniently be notified when I post. Pop into my FB page: Reckonings by Lady Jayne to enjoy conversation and blogs! Already know who the competing voices are? join my private FB Grp: Spiritual Battle: Refining mind body and spirit

Enjoying the journey to wholeness and let’s begin now!


Lady Jayne's Reckonings is not just a story, we all have a story, but the path out of sexual abuse, PTSD, and addictions. Then finding the underlying Lies and Spiritual Bondage and tools to break free to living Happy Joyous and Free.

Hope this inspires your own writing. please share

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