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Attacks from our spiritual enemy, threatened Lady Jayne’s physical, emotional, and spiritual safety and nearly destroyed a family. Unknowingly infected by generational sin her inner voice tormented her for years. This left her doubting her sanity, always apprehensive and isolated. A voice she believed to be her own, filled her nights with violent dreams that lingered in the day to distort reality. Not knowing the source, made it difficult to distinguish lies from reality; her defects from her true God-given identity.

While finding truth and discernment through recovery programs, good counsel and spiritual truths she faced fierce opposition from the shadow. attacks to her and her family. She found that the shadow of death; Psalm 23:4 permeates all aspects of our lives. The shadows mission is to distract us from life, light and our Creator, robbing us of a vibrant life.

Although there had been perpetrators and abusers in her life, they were not the true enemy. Also bound to the shadow, whom is mentioned as a lion hungry for prey… ever crouching and ready to bounce. Psalm17:12 ,he instigates desires, obscures truth, with an aim to destroy, they just acted as their tormenting inner voice dictated.

This spiritual being looms over all, whether we aware or not, keeping us distracted by our past trauma, addiction, unhealthy relationships and possessions. Weaving into our daily thoughts; fear and negative messages that cast doubt and mistrust of our Creator’s intent for our lives. Holding us back from that we were created to be.  


A story of adversity and hope. Surrounded by pervasive poverty and abuse since infancy at the hands of her migrant farming parents. Created the need to block out memories and stuff down fear to mentally survive. Years later after working to end addictions, new challenges surfaced. Having a fragmented personality, made it difficult to understand why she behaved as she did and held such self-loathing. Through hard work it was possible to discover the inner child, the part of her psyche that held the sights, sounds and lies that attached. Turning to her with compassion, she was named Lady Jayne. Giving that child fragment a persona, gave her a voice and redemption. Not only was she faultless in the mental torment, she had protected our God-given essence. 

In that clearing, spiritual bondage was identified as the root cause of my difficulties. Now, Lady Jayne and I could apply biblical truths to discern lies and replacing them with truth. Spiritual attacks occurred openly to me and my sons and alienated me from my family. Perseverance led me to a contented joy-filled life, and spiritual freedom.  Lady Jayne is an emblem of resiliency, miraculous protection of my very essence, and the relentless pursuit of our Creator. Lady Jayne bids you follow, persevere, and never give up. Spiritual wealth, freedom, and contentment are possible. The following is our story.” 



Gail Willoughby was born in Cleveland, OH in 1957, then taken to the backwoods of Alabama by migrant farming parents. Her journey has taken her from pervasive poverty to spiritual wealth and freedom. She has gone on to be a Professional Organizer, Writer, Intercessory Prayer Warrior, and Volunteer who calls Cleveland her home. Throughout her life, she has extended a helping hand. Encouraging others to find strength and their true identities through spiritual teachings. Her writings include biography, spirituality, recovery, with the power of storytelling to inspire others. 

FEARLESS: Reckonings of Lady Jayne –EXCERPT

The shadow of death creeps into our lives without a sound or introduction, leaving most in bondage without realizing it. The shadow aims to destroy or mar innocence, delights in the isolated lives of the enslaved, neglected, and abused that have no voice. Whether home-bound or trafficked; living in fear and trembling; dismayed by caretakers who use them to squelch their feelings of inadequacy, quiet their own tormented inner voice, or as a commodity for income, entertainment.  Bondage to the shadow appears to take the very essence of the person by distorting the mind and soul; leaving fragmented psyches flounder for identity. Others appear to be in a self-induced slavery; forfeiting all in exchange for drugs, alcohol, food, or sex. Once the shadow is cast many will not taste freedom in this life.

Through a process of reckoning, fact-finding, studying and reading, and after much consideration, she calculated the cost of bondage, the benefits found in freedom, and was able to break free, making us whole.  

Reckoning: a calculated decision or belief after gathering facts

11 thoughts on “THE BOOK

  1. Dear Gail…. I believe in this short reading of your website that we are soul sisters. We have much in common. So much. I’m looking forward to staying in touch with you.

    Love and blessings,
    Barbara Kompik

  2. Aside from this being a healing and therapeutic endeavor, you’re also helping others in the process. Don’t stop Gail!
    What you wrote about really resonated with me. I was also abused and when I was 15 I knew I had no self-confidence whatsoever and became scared at what I was going to do to support myself once I left home. My answer? Work for an escort service. Having been sexually abused as well, that’s truly all I thought I could do in life.
    Thank you for getting your story out for others, my friend!
    By the way, Catwoman=^..^= is my alter ego for Kelly Jeanne…..

    1. KellyJeanne I am so delighted that you wrote me. this has been a long painful process, trying to articulate the experiences but more importantly, the process in my thinking that was distorted, and then the journey to spiritual and mental, emotional freedom!
      please stay in touch. I welcome any of your insights. Also, you may look me up on Facebook. I have a page and a private group to help others. All of this is in its infancy phase, and need people to converse with. so others find
      ding my pages feel comfortable connecting. Facebook Reckonings by Lady Jayne is the page. Spiritual Battle: Refining mind, body, and soul is the private group. I need your facebook name to invite you in.
      God bless all of your endeavors and your journey! Gail Merda Willoughnby.

  3. When I read: Once the shadow is cast many will not taste freedom in this life, it perfectly describes my daughters life. Her mind was distorted & she forfeited all in exchange for drugs & sex. Her battle is over in this life. We will meet again on resurrection day! Thank you Gail for sharing your experience.
    God bless
    When will your book be available?

  4. Wow very interesting. I too come from an abusive childhood and thus a survivor. I protect my inner child to this day! Writing about it is very therapeutic. I write poetry and have expressed myself often on this topic. This inspires me to write more on my experiences. Thanks for sharing. Whether this is fiction or not it is very real and believable.

Hope this inspires your own writing. please share

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