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I can see the beauty of being a rock in God’s creation. Not a sedentary rock, for when unearthed, I would be moved from place to place. At times, hidden and forgotten. Then a twist of fate would unearth me again. For a time, placed as the centerpiece in a garden. Jagged, rough edges in the beginning, […]

Disclaimer: People who may not want to read my book or the entries on this site:
* If you feel, you can figure out your shortcomings in life without guidance, a spiritual life or a Higher power.
* If you believe that we all should be able to be an emotionally mature adult at 21 whether we were abused or not.
* If you would rather believe that there is no battle between good and evil in our world, galaxy or universe.
* If you think your great, great, great-grandpa came from the lineage of an ameba.

Peek Into Peace

You are so hard on yourself. Take a moment to pause. Sit back. Marvel at the: grief that softened, heartache that gave wisdom , suffering that strengthened, Despite all, you still grow and reach for serenity. Be proud

Make God Big Enough Big enough to spin the galaxies, Big enough to create a human and a leaf, Big enough to patiently wait for us, so none will be lost.

Big enough to hear us all, love us all and tend to us all. Big Enough to wipe your tears away,

The frantic search for more and more has a grip on many of us. Believing that if we only had more money, more clothes, more sex, more food, more things-we would be happy and satisfied. No amount of material things will satisfy our emotional and spiritual hunger.

We can learn that our Higher Power satisfies our needs not greed. He feeds our hearts and our spirits with the abundance of His love, and when we are strengthened spiritually, physical control is possible.

Let’s reckon together,shall we?