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Victim. We should only be allowed to use this word to describe a moment in time where something was done to us that was out of our control. It should be an adjective to describe our experience in a tragedy, not to define our character. That moment does not define us. It can mold us, but we have the choice to allow it to continue to victimize us and be subjected to the powerlessness of that situation or we have the ability to become a warrior.

Warriors are always warriors, whether they win or lose, or come out beaten, scarred, or battered. A warrior refuses to sit idly under circumstances. They act to preserve the very thing they hold dearest: life. The term survivor is often used for those overcoming a trauma, but even that word doesn’t credit the immense capacity for a human to persevere to resilience. The truth of the matter is, a Survivor implies that a person no longer has to deal with the outcomes of the tragedy, but it denies the human nature to store that memory in ways we often don’t understand. I am a warrior. Undoubtedly. Adriana Lewin in response to describe your relationship with the word victim.

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A Warrior remains a Warrior


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