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No greater hope!

In the city, we are often removed from the inherent beauty of creation. Looking down so as not to trip on uneven sidewalks can only provide a downcast focus of cigarette butts, weeds, dirt, spit, discarded food and wrappers, and flies. Yet our Creator calls us to look up-to look around -to seek His kingdom on earth. Where is this kingdom?

Well, one evidence of the kingdom is demonstrated in nature and remains here even when we cover it with concrete and litter. If you must look down to keep from tripping, then focus on the growth coming through the cracks. Many times, this growth is referred to as weeds although they are wildflowers and botanicals with healing properties and beauty if given the opportunity to grow. Entire shopping malls and amusements parks are taken over by foliage and trees when left unattended, their images can be found on the internet. Those images inspire my faith and hope that God is relentless and will have his way in the end. 

God promises that when the battle between good and evil is settled, a new heaven and a new earth will be established. The new earth, that we will inhabit, for eternity will have streets of gold, sidewalks of sapphire, the tree of life. All including us will be restored to how it was in Eden before we turned away from our Creator’s direction. Hard to imagine and yet there will be no more litter, cement, no illness, no hatred, and no cemeteries. 

This promise was made long ago, “See, I will create new heavens and a new earth. The former things will not be remembered, nor will they come to mind’           Isaiah 65:17 

A listing of this prime real estate is found in               Revelations 21:10-27 and 22:1-7   

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