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Redemption: Restoring back to the Original

Redemption is sought by many, but most of us would not recognize it if it looked us in the face. We can agree that there is a desire to be restored or saved after a significant loss; something was taken or had enslaved us. But where can we satisfy this desire?

Abused or neglected in our developmental years leaves us confused. We may believe everyone lives as we have and that this is as good as it gets. Or we believe we deserved the way we were treated because we are somehow defective. Under the heavy hand of an abuser, we have spent more time watching them diligently, their moods, needs and wants, with little time or regard for our own internal needs. We may feel like an empty shell of our original selves.

As I began to search, a person or a reading at church would mention that I needed to be saved or redeemed. I was angry and indignant, ‘Sure, I had faults and misdeeds, but surely it was the perpetrator who left their sin on me.’ I felt misunderstood and secretly hoped someone would rescue me. That someone outside of me would come along and fix what was broken. Being a young woman, I wanted prince charming to find me, restore me, love me, and give me a sense of worth.  

There is a turning away from what is intolerable, first. Finding self worth and redemption comes in breaking away from harmful people and harmful lies we believe. First no other human can give us all we need to be whole and find our purpose. We will begin turning from the well-known harmful path and find ourselves in a large field of the unknown. We will feel unsteady and uneasy with ourselves. But as we turn a road map will be presented that guides us on our way. And I might add it is worth it!  

Follow along in this short series as we explore redemption, who needs it and where to find it.  I will share some of the things that led me to desire redemption. Then gave me the courage to reckon with my past beliefs and to find my true identity and an awesome loving God!  

1 What is required in our turning toward our true self and redemption?

2 Returning back to me 

3 Finding guidance 

4 Finding evidence of Gods intent 

5 Finding a higher power a God of all creation who knows the original blueprint. 

6 Recognizing the lies that have infected our mind, spirit and body.  

7 Lost but now I am found!   



Lady Jayne's Reckonings is not just a path away from the effects of sexual abuse, PTSD, and addictions, but to discover the underlying Lies of Spiritual Bondage. This led to Spiritual Wealth and Emotional Freedom.

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