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The day in the life of Lady Jayne

Today I want to share the ups and downs of progress. I am grateful and know fully that I am spiritually, mentally and physically healthier than any other time in my life. I feel God’s leading and yet I still have anxiety, perhaps a scar that stretches with each new challenge. I acknowledge the feeling, being tolerant of it, instead of stuffing it. I feel it, then I get on with my plans for the day. The anxiety can join me or not. Sometimes it tires itself out and leaves.

Greetings! I am writing a book (daunting) and starting to reach out with this web site and blogs. New to all of this! My site pages may not be in the correct order, however, I am ready to chat through blogging write back wheneverver you like!


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Spiritual Warfare the Battle is Real

Enduring abuse since infancy I was tormented with nightmares and symptomatic PTSD. However further insight exposed spiritual bondage that attached to my soul before I was aware, with the ability to influence my thoughts and behaviors. A spiritual malady went undetected for years and had not been addressed in my program of recovery and not understood in my church. When father died memories surfaced. Counseling; led me to think it was dealt with. However, when mother died strange things began to happen in my home, to me and my family. So blatant were the attacks I no longer had the luxury to stay in denial, under the label of dysfunction. The battle between good and evil is real.

Coming out on the other side, I am living fully and contentedly with gratitude for God’s care and protection. To honor the little girl that I blamed for so long and her brothers; Lady Jayne will now tell her story. While she speaks I will prepare the manuscript for publishing.  So far I am thinking of the titles: The Fearless Reckoning of Lady Jayne or  The Reckoning of Lady Jayne. Like these? I welcome input!    My best to all who visit,  Thank you!